Cardboard Balers

Maximize Efficiency and save costs with WasteCo’s Cardboard Baler Solutions!

Efficient cardboard compacting and baling is a smart business move, and WasteCo NZ Ltd has partnered with Strautmann to bring these benefits to New Zealand industries and businesses. Here’s why our cardboard baler stands out:

1.Cost Efficient Waste Handling: WasteCo’s Strautmann recycling balers for cardboard, plastic, and paper offer easy and more cost-efficient waste management, reducing overall costs associated with handling and recycling cardboard.

2.Ease of Use and Export Quality: Strautmann is a leading brand known for its user-friendly design and production of export-quality bales. Our balers become efficient and profitable additions to warehouses and distribution centres, processing over 400 tonnes of cardboard.

3.Efficiency in Operation: Single-person operation makes Strautmann balers an efficient choice, turning your waste cardboard into additional profit for your business.

4.Backed by Support: With WasteCo, you receive reliable backup and support, ensuring a seamless experience throughout the baler’s operation.

Transform your waste cardboard into a profitable asset for your business. Contact us at 0800 341 1111 today for a free quote. WasteCo’s cardboard baler offers easy operation, export quality bales, and exceptional support.

Make the smart choice and maximize efficiency and profit with WasteCo’s cardboard baler solution.


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