Unlimited – Green Waste Skip Bin Hire – Large 9M



Green waste skips are especially for leafy green garden waste. WasteCo provide green waste skips for hire in the following sizes:

  • Small – 3M3
  • Medium – 7.5M3
  • Large – 9M3

WasteCo hire skips  come in three sizes for green waste. The weight of the contents will vary the charge.

  • 3M WasteCo green skips are available with a pre-paid weight of  1000kg
  • 7.5M WasteCo green skips are available with a pre-paid weight of 2000kg
  • 9MWasteCo green skips are available in pre-paid weights of 2000kg or 3000kg

Some garden / household waste is NOT considered green waste. Cabbage Tree Leaves, Flax, Bamboo Tree Trunks and Stumps are not classified as green waste and should not be loaded into a green waste skip.

Food waste, asbestos or any hazardous waste is also not suitable for a green waste skip. If you have any of these please contact WasteCo directly on 03 341 11 11 to discuss your needs.

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